Briac Pilpré

Senior Java Developer
Bayonne, France


Senior Java Software Engineer with 20+ years of professional experience in the computer software industry, both for proprietary and open-source projects with a wide technical expertise. Currently managing and coordinating complex development projects.
Strong skills in Java, Javascript, Perl, Agile Methodologies and databases.


Lead Developer

C-Log International

Mar 2000 - ongoing
Noisy-le-Grand, France / Telecommuting

Software publisher, specialized in Workflow and Process Management software.

  • Designed and developed the Java Workey Workflow engine, C-Log flagship solution.
  • Spearheaded technology migration, from a legacy Lotus Notes application to JBoss and then from JBoss to Tomcat/Hibernate.
  • Designed, developed and maintained the main administration interface, using modern web technologies (Bootstrap, Angular, jQuery, KendoUI).
  • Designed, developed and maintained a REST style API to allow multi-platform access to Workflow.

  • Integrated Lucene Search Engine into the Workflow engine.
  • Set up and maintained a continuous integration platform (Jenkins) used to build distributable versions of the product.
  • Technical support to customers, including developing complex solutions for integrating their environment with our software.
  • Built complete customized solutions for high-profile companies (Musée du Louvre, E. Leclerc, Ministère de l'Équipement, Alcatel, Saipem-ENI).

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, both in French and English .
  • Regularly providing technical training sessions to customers and partners.
  • Frequent technical talks to fellow developers.
  • Created and customized the MediaWiki documentation portal used for in-house documentation as well as customer-facing online manuals.
  • Pushed for the adoption of Agile methodology and Test-Driven development to a small team of developers.

Freelance Open Source Developer


Mar 2007 - ongoing

OmegaT is a free Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) application written in Java.

  • Most active contributor to the OmegaT project
  • Integrated a scripting framework allowing user to customize the software behavior with Javascript and Groovy scripts.
  • Created and maintaining the OmegaT website

Perl Community

  • Member of Perl user group.
  • Board member of the French Perlmongers society.
  • Member of YAPC::Europe 2001 and 2003 organization teams
  • Author of several Perl modules on CPAN.

Recent Personal Projects

  • HIIT Workout Generator application (Node.js, Angular)
  • Mobile Aikido Grade Tester (Android, jQuery Mobile)
  • jErgoviewer - Google Street View with an Elliptical Trainer (Java)
  • Android application for generating random but consistent folktales (Android Studio)


Programming Languages

Java Javascript Perl Groovy Python

Development Tools / IDEs

Git SVN CVS Eclipse Android Studio JUnit Selenium Jenkins Gradle


MySQL / MariaDB SQLite MongoDB


Blender Photoshop Illustrator Premiere InDesign

Operating Systems

Unix (Linux, OpenBSD, Solaris) Windows


Faculté Jean Monnet - Paris XI

Master Droit des Affaires, option Fiscalité (Master Degree in Law)

1994 - 2000
Sceaux, France


French •••••


English •••••


Spanish ••••








Pretty Good!


Pretty Good!

Web development



Ran 2015km in 2015


That's 5.5km a day, every day!

2015 Paris Marathon

Aikido Black Belt 2nd Dan

Practicing for 15 years.